Published in the journal "Urban Kaleidoscope": New Ice

It turns out, in St. Petersburg manufacture of ice sculptures has put on stream and there is a company "Russian Ice", which makes such ice works on different topics - it is quite exquisite artistic compositions made of transparent ice.

Referring to this company, you can order the production of ice sculptures in the catalog or to offer their vision of the future composition of the ice. These sculptures are now becoming fashionable jewelry at a birthday party, anniversary, corporate event or wedding.

The company "Russian Ice" produces ice pieces in order for the actions of various levels and has made the composition of ice for large corporate companies in St. Petersburg, such as "Yulmart" and "Transservice." Especially since the ice making even company logos and masterpieces of world architecture. But more ice masters have to make ice Heart, swans and angels, which are suitable for many special occasions, such as symbols of love for weddings and lovers.

The company not only produces ice sculptures, and delivers them to the venue of the festival, installs and subsequently produces dismantling. In order to achieve greater effect, sculptures installed on a special stand, equipped with a backlight.

But that's not all. The company "Russian Ice" offers customers the device even bright holiday - fiery ice show Magic Ice Team, where sculptors show in front of as formless lump of ice receives the desired shape and turns into a small masterpiece of ice art.


Also, the ice master master classes on making sculptures out of ice, which are taught to work with tools that then you try to create your own "masterpiece"

In Pushkin in this holiday sculptors from the company manufactured ice composition of nativity scenes at the St. Catherine's Cathedral and a large Orthodox cross to Jordan Kolonistskom pond. The authors of these ice sculptures - Keith Alexander and Alexei Nekrasov.

Published in the journal "Urban Kaleidoscope": New Ice

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