Ice samovars


Want to entertain and amaze your guests? Set in the center of the holiday table ice samovar!

Samovar made of ice with this samovar has nothing in common except the shape. Made of transparent ice, the samovar is not for heating, but for cooling drinks. Inside the ice samovar is placed in a special container for beverage, which eliminates the contact of the ice with a drink.

Ice samovar is equipped with a tap, by which You and Your guests will be able to pour the drinks into glasses, glasses, cups or ice shot. Ice samovar will surely attract the attention of Your guests: everyone wants their own to twist the tap and pour yourself a refreshing drink.

A gleaming samovar ice, mounted on a special stand that will delight participants of the festive event for 6-7 hours!


The company "Russian Ice" is engaged in the manufacture of ice samovars in St. Petersburg. We will create not just beautiful, but functional item, which will be an original decoration of Your holiday.

The sculptors of the company "Russian Ice" will produce a unique design samovar of ice in accordance with Your wishes. Thanks to the passion and vast experience of work they will create a masterpiece for You. In addition, our company will take the hassle associated with delivery, installation and dismantling of ice samovar.

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